Nocturnal Sanction

~ Soundtrack Preview ~

Nocturnal Sanction features mainly Aggrotech music, with some Orchestral and Metal in some areas, having an overall gothic style. On this page, you can listen to fifteen-second previews of each of the tracks in the game.

End Of An Era ~ Xperiment (Title Screen & Opening)
Warp Speed 777 ~ T3CHN0PH0B1A (Hell's Gate Battle)

Black City Reorchestrated ~ Junichi Masuda & DJ. Infinity (Black City Theme)
Lost (CYGNOSIC REMIX) ~ FGFC820 (Normal Battle)
Forever And A Day ~ Cyberwave Orchestra (Ferona's Theme)
Society ~ FGFC820 (Club Aggro Theme)
Killing Fields ~ FGFC820 (Side Mission A & Minor Boss)
Not The World I Remember ~ FGFC820 (Criminal Raid)
Deliver Us From Evil ~ Suicide Commando (Rift Attack)
Revolt Resist (Funker Vogt Remix) ~ FGFC820 (Centhella First Battle)
Wheels In Motion ~ Grendel (Street Rush Legion Sabotage)
I.N.R.I. ~ T3CHN0PH0B1A (Hell's Gate Sabotage)
Perfect War ~ FGFC820 (Side Mission B & Major Boss Battle)
Equals One Sudden Death ~ 2 Times Terror (Hell's Gate Boss Battle)
Neon City Lights ~ Grendel (Kaycia's Theme A)
Echoes Of Eternity ~ Cyberwave Orchestra (Miranda's Theme)
Martyrdom ~ FGFC820 (Side Mission C & Tenebrous Industry Elite Battle)
Conflict Instigation ~ Grendel (Escaping Tenebrous Industry Holdings)
Revolt Resist (Grendel Remix) ~ FGFC820 (Centhella Tenebrous Industry Battle)
Still So Strange ~ God Module (Veros Past Battle)
Timewave Zero (SHIV-R Remix) ~ Grendel (Tenebrous Industry Airport Attack)
False Pretense ~ God Module (High Sage Battle)
Crush ~ FGFC820 (Tenebrous Industry Vs Black City Police)
Love Until Death ~ FGFC820 (Ferona's Critical Condition)
Isis Osiris ~ Xandria (Battle Vs Theano)

Chrome ~ VNV Nation (Black City Police & Vigilantes Cooperation)
Storm (Pride And Fall Club Mix) ~ Theatre Of Tragedy (Allying With Christina)
B.A.A.L. (Deliver Me) ~ Grendel (Black Clan Assault)
We Are The Last ~ Neurotech (Allying With Eriah)
Cantar de Procella ~ Arcana (Black City Theme Post Assault)
Requiem For A Dying Planet ~ T3CHN0PH0B1A (Side Mission D)
Kuoleman Kehdossa ~ 2 Times Terror (Hell's Gate Takedown Mission)
One Eight Zero ~ Grendel (Justin's Critical Condition)
Outro (Harsh Generation) ~ Grendel ( Strike On )
Wheels In Motion (AR-12 Remix) ~ Grendel (Black City Riots Part 1 ~ Criminal Uprising)
Vielä Joskus ~ 2 Times Terror (Hell's Gate Final Battle Vs Dilan)
Timewave Zero (Modulate Remix) ~ Grendel (Black City Riots Part 2 ~ Tenebrous Industry)
Deep Waters ~ Grendel (Black City Riots Part 3 ~ Centhella's Turning & Kaycia's Theme B)
Requiem QCN ~ VNV Nation (Infiltration Into Tenebrous Tower)
Timewave Zero (C-Lekktor Remix) ~ Grendel (Tenebrous Industry Assault)
Timewave Zero ~ Grendel (Tenebrous Industry Final Battle Vs Nikos)
Innocent Child ~ Arcana (Nikos Reflections On Elane)
Fall ~ Grendel (Theano's Attack On Tenebrous Industry)
Lost ~ FGFC820 (Umbros Chaos Battle)
Closure ~ Arcana (Black City Resolutions & Umbros' Post-Conflict Narration)
L'alba ~ Helium Vola (Epilogue ~ Black City Under Slumber)
Omnis Mundi Creatura ~ Helium Vola (Epilogue ~ Battle Vs Aavistus)
Selig ~ Helium Vola (Epilogue ~ Battle Vs Umbryo)
Ebla ~ E.S. Posthumus (Epilogue ~ Battle Vs Flaro)
Kuvera ~ E.S. Posthumus (Epilogue ~ Final Battle Vs Veros)
Remnants ~ Grendel (Ending Credits)