Nocturnal Sanction

~ Game Download ~

This is where you can download the beta for the game to test play while it is made. Updates will be made regularly as time permits, and dates will be set here to inform of new features which are added. Check back often for information on the latest updates! The game can be downloaded here for play. And a note of the beta controls can be found here. As a note, upon opening the game, it will export files to the game's folder to play. When closing, these files will be deleted.

2/8/13: First posting of the game, HUD controls and character sprite added. Possible movement done with arrow keys.
5/18/13: Finished HUD scripts and added Flaro's HUD to the game.

3/25/14: After long period of downtime, started work again and added Timewave Zero as a looping track, as well as surroundings for Club Aggro. Beta testing is requested to see if the music plays properly. Also added a couple new features including Club Aggro building and Eriah's Charge Break opening animation.