Nocturnal Sanction

~ The Story of the Umbra Sarcina ~

It is the year 2011 in Black City, an ever-growing metropolis
in the eastern section of the Unova region. This city is the home to the Umbreon,
Umbros Noctem, and his small pack of dark pokémon known as the Umbra Sarcina.
The sprawling metropolis is lively... a little too lively, however...
The laws of the city are slowly becoming
and unrest is growing amongst the citizens,
threatening the very existence of the city.

The Black Clan, which was formed by a sinister being
who had once conflicted with Umbryo and Flaro three hundred years ago,
now takes this opportunity to go after Flaro's distant grandson, Umbros,
in order to eliminate the family legacy once and for all.

But little does he know, a new power is rising, to be known as
the Nocturnal Sanction. And it will prove to be greater than he
was ever prepared for. Rogues will turn to the Umbra Sarcina's side
in the recovery of the city, and the great conflict that is to unfold.

And amongst it all, a long lost family member will return to the living...
And upon this rebirth, everything will change for Umbros.